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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Bumpwatch - 33 weeks

Bump at 33 weeks
33 weeks into my pregnancy, and this last trimester is really starting to fly by! I only have 8 more days left at work (whoop!), and my D-day of 9th April is starting to loom ever closer on the horizon. I feel like I'm pretty much there in terms of getting all the baby stuff together, just need to get a cot bed and a car seat now and I will have all the essentials ready and waiting for whenever the little fella decides to make his grand appearance. The nursery is painted and my hospital bag is neatly packed and waiting on standby. 
On the slightly more negative side, after a pretty enjoyable 6 or 7 months, several of the more common pregnancy symptoms and complaints are starting to catch up with me now. I've had to stop going to the gym after suffering from severe nosebleeds every time I start exercising. My medicines cupboard is stocked to the brim with every heartburn remedy known to man (I work for the company that make Tums and Zantac so at least I get a staff discount!) and I have to sleep on an ever-increasing pile of pillows to stop the dreaded acid reflux creeping up my throat when I lie down. If I drop something on the floor now I have a long hard think about whether it is worth the effort to bend over and pick it up again! The baby seems to be constantly headbutting me in the ribs or trying to escape Alien-style straight out through the front of my stomach, both of which are rather uncomfortable. But these are all the joys of the last couple of months of pregnancy!